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Pool – Using the manual vacuum and Cleaning the skimmer basket


Intex Basic Pool Cleaning Kit

  • Comes with leaf skimmer, wall brush, and vacuum head
  • Vacuum head with reusable debris bag, requires connection with garden hose for usage
  • Durable mesh skimmer net
  • Wall brush can quickly remove algae and grime from pool walls or pool floor
  • Compatible with 1-1/16-inch inner diameter lightweight telescoping aluminum shaft (item 50004E, not included)
Intex's Basic Cleaning Kit 50006E, allows you to clean your pool with confidence.
List Price: $ 17.43 Price: $ 17.43

Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head, Great for Cleaning Debris from Pool Floors

  • Handle adapter included for use with standard pool extension poles, and spring-loaded locking clips are removable and adjustable to line up with your pole.
  • Flexible plastic body curves to the pool floor to keep constant suction on the area being cleaned.
  • Weights keep the vacuum head at the bottom of the pool, and free-rolling wheels keep it from scratching or scraping on delicate surfaces.
  • It has a 1.5" suction port connection.
  • Made from ABS plastic to be durable and long-lasting. Cleaning surface is 14in. wide.
Pools are great fun during the summer, but they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season. No one likes to do the cleaning, but Milliard makes it easy with our 14 inch wide Flex Vacuum head, so you can get back to swimming sooner. Bend Without BreakingThis flat-edge vacuum head literally gets bent out of shape over algae and other sludge in your pool. Its flexible plastic body curves to the contour of the pool floor to reach any non-flat areas at t
List Price: $ 27.99 Price: $ 18.49