Our Services

Our Services

Sta-Clean Pool & Spa Service Offers three levels of service. From Chemical only, to our full service. We also offer a full menu of additional pool maintenance and repair services. Please contact us for services below.

Our Repairs & Installs

Pool Cleaner Repairs

Tires, Wheels, Sweep Bags, Hose’s, Swivels and more.

Pool Cleaner Installs

Pressure Cleaners, Suction Cleaners and more.

Filter Repairs

Lid O-rings, Pressure Gages, Air Relief Valves, Replacement Filter Cartridges and more.

Pool Filter Installs

Cartridge Filters, D.E. Filters and more.

Pump Repairs

Shaft Seals, Lid O-rings, Baskets, Replacement Motors and more.

Pool Pump Installs

Variable Speed Pumps, Booster Pumps, Single Speed Pumps and more..

Light Repairs

Bulbs, Seals and more.

Salt System Installs

Complete Systems, Salt Cells and more..

and more...



$110 +/month

* Monthly price based on a 4-week month. There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.

If a large repair is needed, we have many close, dependable contractors that we work with that will be able to finish almost any project.

Premium Pool Service

Pool Service monthly rates vary slightly from area to area and can depend on the pool environment and in some cases the size of the pool. Some pool service plans can include balancing pool water & pool chemistry, checking automatic pool sweep, maintaining pool circulation, pool cleaning, brushing the pool walls , netting the pool, cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets.

Chemical balance is important to maintain the life of your equipment and the health of your family. Instead of buying stockpiles of chemicals and test kits, you can let us maintain the chemical balance of your pool & spa through weekly testing and adjustment.

In addition to maintaining proper water balance, its important to maintain your equipment and keep it in good running condition. Our full weekly maintenance includes everything you need to keep your pool up and running great. Prices for the above are for a typical pool and could be higher for larger or more demanding pools.